Poly(ADP-ribose) drives pathologic α-synuclein

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The Battle for the Center. 1.0 INTRODUCTION CSS: Fulda Gap is the first in a series of games that take place in an alternative world in which World War Three happens in 1985. ...read more


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In this manner, the costs and time required for connection are considerably reduced compared (STW), safety temperature limiters (STB) as single or double thermostats, and flue gas tem-perature monitors (ATW). Approvals according to DIN EN 14597, DGRL, and UL indicate the high quality standards for 36039 Fulda, Germany Postal address ...read more


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Betulinic acid (16) (Figure 19.4) is a pentacyclic triterpenoid with antiretroviral, antimalarial, and anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties [56].Its anticancer actions involve the inhibition of topoisomerase [56].Compound 13 has been isolated in several African medicinal plants among which were Diospyros canaliculata (Ebenaceae) [50], and Irvingia gabonensis (Ixonanthaceae) [52] as well ...read more


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A new disulfide‐linked dimer of a single‐chain antibody

The instrument of Jesus' crucifixion (known in Latin as crux, in Greek as stauros) is generally taken to have been composed of an upright wooden beam to which was added a transom, thus forming a "cruciform" or T-shaped structure.. Most Christian denominations present the Christian cross in this form, and the tradition of the T-shape can be traced to early Christianity and the Church fathers. ...read more


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As previously described , a single intrastriatal injection of α-syn PFF leads to an approximate 50% loss of DA neurons 6 months after the injection in wild-type (WT) mice (Fig. 3, B and C). In contrast, a single intrastriatal injection of α-syn PFF into PARP-1 KO mice failed to induce DA cell loss (Fig. 3, B and C). ...read more


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3/11/2019 · Tacitus' Annals is a powerful and darkly humorous examination of imperial Rome. Though his work was little read in the Roman world, it has influenced great thinkers such … ...read more


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1/26/2015 · Basit F, Cristofanon S, Fulda S . Obatoclax (GX15-070) triggers necroptosis by promoting the assembly of the necrosome on autophagosomal membranes. Cell Death Differ 2013; 20 : 1161–1173. ...read more


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Selling a house is literally a matter that needs to be planned and organised in a factual way. For most in Fulda, a residential property is not just an ordinary roof over one’s head, one’s own home is something really special that is not only linked to many stories but also to your very personal memories (e.g. the first child) and thus has a personally priceless value, therefore take your ...read more


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The assertion is also made that Denis Papin (q.v.) in 1707 propelled a boat by steam on the River Fulda. Papin invented the safety valve and a single-acting steam cylinder pump, and made various improvements in steam pumps, but it does not appear that he ever built what might be … ...read more


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